DIY Skills From a Dad to a Grad

Father’s day and graduations have been lumped together by the marketers of family dinners and retail knickknacks, but as a dad of a recent grad, I saw the team-up as an opportunity for imparting some fatherly survival advice (or delivering what could be my last lecture). As you graduates leave … Continue reading

Terms of the Trade: What Is WD-40?

You would be hard-pressed to find a DIYer without a can of this in their garage or tool kit. WD-40 is known as the “can with a thousand uses,” and for good reason. The lubricant displaces water and penetrates oil, making it perfect for everything from greasing hinges and removing … Continue reading

Hot Topics: Really Big Hole in the Wall

Here on we enjoy providing a place where home improvement novices and experts can come together to share ideas and advice. Inside our Forums, users can browse threads to see what exchanges are taking place on a topic of interest or start their own dialogue by posting something for … Continue reading

Where Are the Bugs Hiding?

Bugs are pests not because they’re tiny, and not even because they like to hang out in packs. Bugs are pests because they hide. They’re sneaky, and they know how to make themselves scarce. But if you know how to root them out and find their hiding places, you can … Continue reading

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re like me, you might be on a budget. Purchasing new kitchen cabinets could cripple your finances and put you into a real money pit with steep sides. Would you be shocked to discover you could transform the look of your kitchen for less than $ 150 and some … Continue reading

Is That a Dangerous Spider?

I’ve often wondered why a creature as beneficial as the spider looks so horrific. Whenever I encounter one, the feeling of revulsion is often followed by an immediate need to find a sound-hearted sole to take it outside and far away from me. However, the reality is that spiders are … Continue reading